Frequently Asked Questions

Is the hole big enough for a chipmunk?
No. A chipmunk has a larger bone structure than a mouse. The hole is only large enough for a mouse.
What happens if another animal eats a poisoned mouse?
Nothing. There is not enough active ingredient in a poisoned mouse to harm another creature.
How do I know it's working?
You will see droppings ( black, seed like debris) in the unit, and the bait will be getting consumed.
What kind of bait should I use?
You will need to purchase block bait (see Bait Blocks to be used with the Oust-A-Mouse).
Customers with an Oust-A-Mouse can use this block bait in their units and discard the low grade plastic one (designed for indoor use) that is mandatory for bait manufacturers to supply.
**Single feed formulas or Powder is no longer available. Pellet formulas are not ideal for these units as the mice tend to store them and drop them leaving accessible to other creatures.**
Why do you secure the unit down and lock it?
The units are secured to prevent tipping of the unit and theft by other animals. They are locked to keep animals and children out.
How often do I need to refill it?
That will depend on the size of the colony. A large colony will consume a bit more bait than a smaller colony. Mice colonize between 20 and 300 mice per colony.
The mice are inside my cottage! Shouldn't I put the Oust -A -Mouse inside?
No. Anything you put inside will attract more mice. Mice travel by a urine scent left behind by the rest of the colony. Cleaning with ¼ cup of bleach to a bucket of Hot water ( approx. 4 litres) where you see droppings and where permissible will aid in eliminating this trail.
I installed the unit but I am still getting mice in the traps. Why?
Remove all baits and traps you are currently using from inside the building once the unit is set up. Remember…if the mice can smell it, they will go after it! Make the Oust - A - Mouse their only food source. Lure them out and keep them out!
I installed the unit using two sided tape to a piece of wood, and when I went up on the weekend it was gone! Where could it have gone?
You must use the hardware supplied or something as strong to secure these units in place. Raccoons will remove them in hopes of getting the mice they think are inside! Please follow the directions.
My neighbour told me to place a dish of water or anti freeze beside the unit because it helps to kill the mice is this true?
NO!! The placement of water or especially Antifreeze is not required! The units provide a safe housing for poison bait. Let the unit and the bait do the work, the mice will run off and find water on their own. Placing any antifreeze anywhere outdoors is a dangerous practise.