Oust -a- Mouse Installation Instructions

You can rid yourself of mice without the mess of traps or the expense of an exterminator. The solution is here.

The Oust-a-Mouse® Bait house installation video

Secure the Oust -a-Mouse® in place outside, using the screws supplied.

Mounting your bait house under your deck, trailer, cottage or overhang will keep it out of the snow and available to mice all year long.

The bait house must be screwed down to resist tipping or complete removal by larger animals. securing the unit to a piece of plywood weighted down with bricks or rocks will work if a permanent structure is unavalable.

Load the bait chamber. You can use all available bait blocks at once. Load only the side without the holes. The mice need to travel through the back where the holes are. (see What kind of bait should I use? in the FAQ section)

Place the lid on and lock the unit. Store keys in a safe place.

Monitor bait levels assuring not to run out. Clean the bait house at least once a year.