How to Purchase the Oust -a- Mouse

The Oust-a-Mouse can be purchased directly from JNC Innovations.

CDN $44.99*

* Price per Unit - applicable taxes and shipping/handling fees are extra - Bait not included

We accept
Visa, MasterCard, American Express

NEW or Replacement parts for units purchased after 2007

If in doubt please contact us at 705-635-2929 to see if the unit you own is applicable

Since April 30, 2012 there are no "free of charge" replacement parts available for units purchased before the year 2007. Proof of purchase is required on any and all "warranty" items.

  • Replacement lids with lock $6.00
  • Interior baffle replacement $3.50
  • Replacement keys $3.50

shipping and handling + HST apply to any orders

Bait Blocks to be used with the Oust-A-Mouse

Please note that due to a recent change in government regulation the use of powder is no longer recommended. We therefore recommend the use of Block Bait (as noted below).

Customers with an Oust-A-Mouse can use this block bait in their units and discard the low grade plastic one (designed for indoor use) that is mandatory for bait manufacturers to supply.

Name # Blocks Purchase Location
Rodentex 13 available at local hardware stores
Tom Cat 8 available at local hardware stores