How to Purchase the Oust -a- Mouse

The Oust-a-Mouse can be purchased directly from JNC Innovations.

CDN $49.99*

* Price per Unit - applicable taxes and shipping/handling fees are extra - Bait not included

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Bait Blocks to be used with the Oust-A-Mouse

Please note the P.M.R.A (Pest Management Regulatory Agency Government of Ontario) has a new regulation that requires ALL DOMESTIC BAIT MUST NOW BE SOLD WITH A BAIT STATION.

The small black bait station that the bait is supplied with can be disposed of for customers using Oust-A-Mouse Bait Houses. Many hardware stores sell the following baits that can be effectively used in the Oust-A-Mouse Bait House.
Please be cautious to purchase baits that DO NOT CONTAIN CELLULOSE.

  — Tom Cat Blocks
  — Rodentex Blocks
  — Ratoxin Blocks
  — Decon Blocks

Cleaning any areas inside the building where droppings have been sighted (and where possible) with 1/4 cup bleach to a bucket of hot water will aid in the elimination of the urine trail the mice are following. It is important to remove any and all baits and traps from the inside of the building once the unit is set up outside.