Oust-a-Mouse rodent control unit got rid of mice infestations at home and at the cottage!

Cottage and Home Owners Rodent Control Testimonials

I normally never mention a bunch of products here on facebook BUT, I gotta say something now. We live WAY back in the woods, and while we've always had mice, this year they are ridiculous in my house! We've never had mice like this, they are having a FESTIVAL in my kitchen every night even though we keep all food secured! Well, a friend of mine told me to check out Oust-A-Mouse online. I immediately ordered TWO. They are NOT cheap. And they come out of Canada so you pay postage up the wazoo, but let me tell you, I put one on my front deck, and one on my back deck and I have not seen ONE mouse or ANY indication that they've even been back inside my house!!!!! I was skeptical, esp spending over 100.00 on two "mouse traps". But they ARE amazing and they WORK! The lady Jennifer that invented them also lives in the deep woods of Canada. So if you have mice, and you don't WANT mice, check it out! As I said, they aren't cheap, around $45.00 each, but you get what you pay for and regular mouse traps weren't getting it done. No more baiting traps. no more "setting" traps, something that makes me VERY anxious when I'm trying to set them down and they snap shut, no more getting rid of dead mice, gone. Done and done.

W. Row - September, 2017

Hi Jennifer, I just wanted to provide you with an update on how the Oust-A Mouse Bait House has been working at my cottage. So far we’ve done everything you’ve recommended and we have seen great success!!!!! Thank you so much for your tutorials and great advice. A1 customer service.

N Edwards - August, 2017

This is an amazing product folks. It really does eliminate the mouse problem from your habitation. Years ago I saw it at the Cottage Life Show and said "I'm not concerned about the mice outside, it's the ones that come into the house I'm concerned about." Well folks, the ones outside do come into your residence to feed on the baited inside traps and decide to stay and multiply because it's so warm and cosy in our homes.

I placed one feed station by the foundation of our home (outside) last Fall and no more mice, not even any dead ones to get rid of, and bonus the cats no longer sit in front of the fireplace waiting for mice to come out nor do they sit and stare at the ceiling or walls 'cause, the mice is iced! Just keep the bait fresh, clean the bait house once in a while and that's it.

Bravo for Oust-A-Mouse

G Martin - September, 2016

My Husband and I went to the Fall cottage life show this weekend with only one thought in our minds. To find Jennifer from Oust-A-Mouse and Thank her! We bought in the spring and had her explain to both of us at least three times on how to use the product. No we aren't stupid, it just took a bit to wrap our thoughts around placing this bait house outside. I laughed to myself when she placed her hand on mine , looked me in the eye and said Take this leap of faith with me, remove all your baits and traps from inside the cottage once you get this set up I agreed .Yes! Reluctantly! But never again! Our cottage is mouse free! Jennifer told us the truth she was patient, kind and knowledgeable. adding on a cheerful enjoy being mouse free! as we left her booth.

We are enjoying it! Thank you Oust-A-Mouse! Thank you Jennifer!

Jean and Bill Whitehall, Oshawa Ontario - November, 2013

Customer Service par Excellence!

Some time ago, I blogged about an example of customer service that stood above the crowd: when Jennifer of Oust-A-Mouse offered me a second unit, on loan, to help battle my cottage mouse problem. Well, I am extremely happy to report that I have not seen any evidence of miceā€¦no actual critters, no tell tale droppings, nothing. And that, despite continuing to find new spots that we never cleaned in the first place. Needless to say, those spots are being cleaned and bleached as they are found but still no new critters have made their way inside.

We even had renovations done to our fireplace hearth and the workman took the hearth out and left the inside wide open to the outside. Still no critters!

In my opinion, anyone who stands as firmly behind a product as Jennifer does should be applauded and promoted. In this day and age of disposable everything and an attitude of buyer beware, it's truly refreshing to find a company like Oust-A-Mouse and an owner like Jennifer who offer an exceptional product and exceptional customer service. I hope that at The Virtual Alternative we always strive to live up to Jennifer's example.

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The Virtual Alternative - October, 2013

We purchased one of your units several years ago and would like to buy a couple more. They work so well at our cottage mice free for several years. We would like to give them as Christmas presents for friends.

Suney - September, 2009

We didn't have mice inside the cottage, but they would come in from underneath and we could hear them running inside the walls and ceiling. It was impossible to sleep at night! Because the underneath of our cottage is exposed, leaving out poison was dangerous to pets and other wildlife so we were really at a loss as to what to do. I saw Oust-a-Mouse at the Cottage Life show a few years ago and it was the perfect solution for our situation.
We have been 'mouse free' since installing our Oust-a-Mouse underneath the cottage (attached to a wood board so the raccoons don't drag it away...).

It's a great product!

Carol - September 9, 2009

We have had this product for over two years and are mice FREE! Simple to use, safe, and it WORKS!
Thanks for this terrific product.

Bill & Barb - January 3, 2009

Just a quick thanks.

We purchased a number of the houses for our cottage and appear to now have it under control.

Cheers, Dennis - Nov. 21, 2007

We were littered with mice before using the product. Now we don't have any!

Thanks to our Oust-a-Mouse unit!

Ed & Claudette-Lake of Bays , Muskoka, Ontario

We were going to sell our cottage because we couldn't get rid of the mice. My wife refused to go up again until they were gone.

Thank you Oust-A-Mouse! We can enjoy our cottage again.

Paul and Melinda-Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada

We couldn't believe how busy these folks were at the Spring Cottage life show 2006. We bought one and couldn't believe the results! Finally...a better way. No smell, no traps, no mess, NO MICE! These folks are great! If you have questions, they take the time to answer them. This is a cottager's must have! We finally have a Mouse Free cottage. I gave these as gifts for Christmas to my cottage friends.

Susan-Kingston, Ontario

Living in the city we were skeptical but it really works! I was at my witts end with the mice. My friend told me about Oust-A-Mouse so I bought one. What a great thing this is! Very user friendly. I liked it so much I told my boss about it and he bought the product as well.

Kathy & Raymond- Toronto